Inspiration or Plagiarism

Inspiration or Plagiarism.
So where do we get our inspiration for airbrushing?
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Be Original

This picture has pride of place in my office as a constant reminder to always be original…and those that have met me in person know that I am definitely a one off.

So the Question is how do we stay Original?

My wife like all our wives is a proficient or in my case, prolific, camera user. She has smoke coming off a finger with the speed of her photography. We have pictures of everything ranging from the smallest bug to the largest building.
So why is it so important? We all need inspiration. Looking at what other people have done can be just that. Inspiration. But when we copy other people’s artwork that is plagiarism.
Ask anyone who airbrushes true flames where they get their inspiration? Well it certainly isn’t from copying someone else’s work…you’ll find that we all use references and in my case – my wife’s pictures of fire or our last BBQ. That is a story for another time.

Plagiarism: Taking someone’s artwork and passing it off as your own.
Inspiration: Getting creative ideas from someone’s artwork.

No one can reinvent the wheel. In the art world other people’s works surround us and this will affect us, influencing our artistic works. We learn from all artists. We look at their work, which inspires our work so we can create our own artistic flair. Thus making the artwork our own.

When my students ask me where I get my ideas from?

The simple answer is that I read a lot of information about what I love doing and pick bits out that I like… I have also researched many other artists to see what they do. Then decide if it will work in the way I airbrush custom work. Thus I apply the ideas in my own style.
A lot of people have inspired me in my work. From the old masters of paint, chalk artists, graphite artists, other airbrush artists right down to seeing how a student in the course works out a different way to accomplish a task set for them.
Seeing how others do things doesn’t mean I think they’re right or wrong or it is the only way to do things, BUT it has certainly help me be both the teacher and airbrush artist I am today.

How does the use of Images affect Copyright Laws?

Now we have to look at the images we do use. In a course environment the use of images from the Internet, books and other copywritemeans is generally OK. However when we start using these imagers for profit, then you have crossed the Copyright line and risk a hefty fine. Groups like Marvel, Warner Brothers and others take a very strong stance when anybody copies their artwork whether it is a comic character or movie clip, they will hunt you down and cause you some serious monitory hardships. So this is a case of don’t go there you have been warned.

So where can we find good quality pictures to airbrush?

This is simple…get married and give your wife a camera…you will never run out of ideas and subjects to airbrush.

Till next time:- That is my Spray for the Day