Student Interview Warren

Warren is a past student who finished the techniques course and completed some of the master classes. He also ran an airbrush studio primarily airbrushing motorbikes in south Brisbane Queensland Australia.

Student Interview Warren

The Interview…or interrogation, guess it is how you look at it.

Well hello Warren it’s been a while so what have you been up to? Yes. It has been a while, right I now work in the mines and have a couple of kids.
So where are the stretch marks? Getting a little personal there Glenn aren’t you.
OK then So how did you enjoy doing the courses? Loved the courses, enjoyed every minute of them. And they were very rewarding. 
So what are you doing now, airbrush wise? Currently not much, as I said we are starting a family and don’t have much time. But all I think about is how I’d love to get back into airbrushing.
So when you were learning to airbrush what was the biggest challenge you faced? I think the biggest challenge I faced was self-belief. I didn’t think that I would ever be able to create realistic artworks, but once you master the techniques taught everything just seems to come all together and now I know I can paint anything.
So what was the most rewarding thing you got from the course? Also, a bit like the challenge, the rewarding part of what I got from learning to airbrush was that I was able to airbrush realistic artworks. Also the look on my mother’s face when I gave her the tiger that I airbrushed in the master class. You can’t beat family pride.

Warren has expressed a desire to carry on his tuition in the airbrushing field, he is looking forward to expanding his knowledge and in 2017 will be enrolling in more master classes. With the young family and a demanding job, finding time to enjoy a passion with Airbrushing is not always easy. And we at Airicons look forward to seeing him in the Studio soon.

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