Student Interview Darren

Darren is a current student who finished the techniques course and is completing some of the master classes.

He is also running an airbrush studio in the UK Midlands…and loving it!

Student Interview Darren

Now for the interrogation, guess it is how you look at it.

Hi Darren and how are you? Hello mate great and hope your all well and looking forward to the September London courses.
OK then So how did you enjoy doing the courses?: I thoroughly enjoyed all the courses, always have fun & look forward to the friendly atmosphere and experience gained by your wealth of knowledge your happy to share.
So what are you doing now, airbrush wise?: Currently I’m working on getting a few variations of artworks together i.e. Portraits of celebrities; animals (pets) & Motorsport art as I’m trying to get into this passion to support myself full time.
So when you were learning to airbrush what was the biggest challenge you faced?: I think my biggest challenge was believing in my own skills and abilities. After learning the techniques through unit 1-4 and challenging myself I now have the confidence & self belief to make good quality realistic artworks.
So what was the most rewarding thing you got from the course?: The most rewarding thing I got for doing the course apart from the knowledge, fun & making new friends was the satisfaction and pride I felt hearing a grown man was brought to tears after receiving one of my artworks for a gift I was commissioned to do by his son in law. Very rewarding.

Student Interview Darren Student Interview Darren Student Interview Darren 


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