Techniques Airbrush Course 

Units 1 to 4 are each offered in a four-day course format (Friday – Monday…Hours – 10.00am (9.30am arrival) to 5.00pm) held in Brisbane.

Checkout the timetable for these courses is on the website. These courses will take you from “never picked up an airbrush” to being able to airbrush with confidence in colour and texture…learning along the way some of the most exciting tips and tricks in the airbrush industry.

We teach you using the techniques that almost ALL Airbrushing is built on.
We have developed key exercises that will help you learn the techniques and skills to airbrush quickly, accurately and effectively.
We will take you from never picked up an airbrush to being able to paint photo realism!!


Learn a series of exercises will give you the freedom to Airbrush practically anything.

It is through teaching these airbrushing techniques that we are able to take you from complete beginner to airbrushing photo-realistic artworks to a professional level.

The Technique course is made up of 4 units…

Unit (1) – Basics part 1 – The foundation course for all airbrushing.
Unit (2) – Basics part 2 – Portraiture explained & dissected.
Unit (3) – Texture – Bring life to your airbrushed artwork.
Unit (4) – Colour – Explained and why there are taboo colours never to be used on a portrait.
Learn the secrets of airbrushing that could take years to discover on your own.
Learn double action co-ordination and control.
You learn to airbrush with complete confidence and control.
Learn the pros and cons of both Opaque and Transparent paint and how to use both.
You will learn new and updated techniques that bring a new edge to your artworks with a look that blends soft edges with sharp for the style and realism you have always wanted.
Learn how to transfer an image.
Learn the most common methods for drawing up and transferring an image.
You will learn about Texture with black and white images.
Learn what to look for, what to pay attention to and how to construct an artwork to achieve that extra level you are looking for.