Student Testimonials

These testimonials come from students across the globe...Please Enjoy.

I'm really grateful for having the opportunity to do this airbrush course, As a make up artist and a spare time cake designer, with the amazing help of the teacher Glenn, I’m having a great improvement on my work and opened new horizons to do new artistic stuff as a airbrusher. Thank you Glenn Crotty for pushing me hard all the time to do better and better each time I go to London to airbrush course.

Student Testimonial - Magda Casqueiro - Portugal


Just wanted you to know I appreciate you and everything that you have done. It's really nice to have a teacher that is kind, compassionate with an understanding nature that inspires me to go beyond what I thought I could accomplish. Never had a teacher go out of there way to help me as you have done, especially with my health problems. Airbrushing has allowed me to immerse myself in many beautiful feelings and get lost in creativity instead of sadness. Thanks for all the help you have given, there are no adequate words to describe how much your teaching and patience are appreciated.

Student Testimonial - Lisa May - Brisbane Australia

I have just completed a 4 day airbrush course with Airicons, I had never used a Airbrush until then and thought I would never learn it in 4 days let alone do a portrait of Angelina Jolie, to my amazement I can now airbrush, the main man that made it all happen is Glenn Crotty from Australia, Glenn will teach you until you can do it, if you have never been on a course or even picked up an Airbrush and want to be able to do this type of Artwork, then look no further as this in just 4 days will open your eyes to a new world of art. So give it ago, I did and I will be going on more to get better and better, thank you so much to Glenn Crotty and all the rest of the team who was Airbrushing with me, it was fantastic.

Student Testimonial - Jonathan Wing - London


Having spent a couple of years trying to teach myself how to Airbrush with the aid of the internet, DVDs and magazines, I thought that I had achieved quite a good standard. I then decided to do a four day course with Glenn in order to confirm my own self confidence.
How wrong was I!!!
Yes Glenn did instill confidence, but he did it by teaching me the error of my ways, he showed me the bad habits that I had gotten into and then taught me the correct way to use my Airbrush. I will definitely be doing more courses with Glenn as I obviously have a lot to learn.
If you want to learn to airbrush get yourself on an Airicons course with Glenn, it’s the way ahead.    

Student Testimonial - Ian Hayter - UK

Glenn inspires great confidence in those lacking or believing in themselves. He is able to pack in a wealth of knowledge within a very short time He shows a personal interest in each one of his students so you never feel overlooked. His tuition skills and speaking ability are excellent. He has a friendly manner which makes him approachable

John Singh Owner, Alpha Signwriting London

I have currently completed a 2 year Airbrushing course under the expert tutorage of Glenn (1 weekend per month).
Before starting this course I had previously tried teaching myself – through books, videos and magazines. While these concepts were helpful in the overall scheme of learning(albeit minor) there is undoubtedly NO possible way that i could have gotten to the same results of quality and realism that i achieved through Glenn. The tiger painting which I completed after only 14 weekends led people to make such comments as “Of all the animal paintings I have seen, I have never actually wanted to reach out and feel the fur”. This alone is a commandment to the achievement of realism that Glenn wants you to push yourself to. I thoroughly recommend Glenn as an excellent teacher for anyone wanting to airbrush

Scott Burne – Tamworth NSW Australia  Glazier

I have been learning under Glenn’s guidance, learning how to airbrush. I had never picked up an airbrush until my very first day in Glenn’s class. It’s amazing just how far I have come in a relatively short period of time. I have achieved so much and learnt of what I am capable of. It’s been an exciting adventure with still so much to accomplish.

Student Testimonial - Angela B - Australia


Hey bro, thank you so much for a great eye opening opportunity to learn your craft. I will set myself up to do this often and try to get it so I can come learn from you often. I have never done an apprenticeship but I would like to do this as one. I am too old to lift heavy things so this may work out. Thank you for your time this wk end. It was awesome… I put my horse pic on Facebook… I was proud of it even thou everyone gets to do it, I was proud. Thank you.
Students Testimonial – Tony Gary - Australia

Glenn is a fantastic teacher of Airbrushing. He is highly skilled in this field and I strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn this form of art.

Student Testimonial -Amanda Lebrese - Wildlife officer Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Glen is an artistic and highly skilled performer in the field of airbrushing. His eye for detail, his excellent and highly motivating teaching skills along with his straight forward but compassionate personality makes him a leader in his field. Glen comes highly recommended.
Students Testimonial –Janne Larsen, Manager at Andersens Carpet, Roma