You’re a Long Time Dead

You’re a Long Time Dead!
Now I have your attention.

You’re a long time dead, this thought resounded for us in 2017. Last year was a very hard year for us at Airicons. Lost one of my best friends – who happened to be my father – to cancer, and that caused us a lot of pain. As they say death and taxes are inevitable … but they don’t have to be sped up.

So what has this got to do with airbrushing?

This is a serious article that needs attention, especially if you are a small studio … because cutting corners could cause you a lot of grief or worse still your family grief. We all seem to take unnecessary risks, and these can bring terrible consequences to our health that doesn’t have to be there. For example. Have you ever seen a YouTube video where the presenter says “I’m painting this without my mask, “BUT” don’t do this I’m only doing this so you can hear me”? Now where is the sense in that! He’s telling you he’s doing something stupid but not to do what he is doing. Essentially isn’t he teaching you how to do something stupid?

So what do we need to do?


Case in Question: With all the talk of aqua based paints and environmental friendly paints you would think they would have an environmentally friendly clear to go over themAk 628 Nano Clear 001 wouldn’t you? But they don’t! We still have to use toxic paints to make a beautiful airbrush job stand out. When we teach airbrushing we try to instill in our students that the use of panel shops to do our clear coating is the best way to go (the safest).
But some decide to do it in their own studio.

Below is a Safety Data Sheet showing some of the lovely hazards associated with 2K clear. As you read through it you’ll see it affects your breathing, your organs, your future children, your eyes, your skin, causes genetic defects and the list goes on. Just have a look and you think to yourself, “Who in their right mind would use this stuff?”





Your a long time deadThe fact is that most of us will use this product. So what are some things we can do to protect ourselves? The fact that it has a derivative of cyanide in the name should start to worry us straightaway. We need to change the way we think; the normal mask we use isn’t always going to protect us. If you have a look at this picture you’ll see that our painter is using what is known as a downdraught mask. Essentially it is blowing clean air from the top over his face and down through to the bottom of the mask thus he doesn’t breathe anything in from the booth that he is working in. It’s all externally fed air that he is breathing.

This is very serious

The reason for this is that 2K Clear, when it is airborne, attacks all areas of internal moisture…the mouth, nose and eyes. We need to be vigilant when it comes to our safety, especially our lungs. There are a lot of painters out there that did not have the information that is available to us today and sadly are paying or have paid the price. So this is a very serious thought, that is we need to always follow the safety regulations. As I stated in beginning, 2017 was a bad year for us here at Airicons. Don’t let 2018 be a bad year for you. Always have your Safety Data Sheets handy and apply the information given. If you remove just one of the risks from your workplace, hopefully 2018 will be a good year for you and your family.


Till next time – That is my Spray for the Day